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Saving & Changing Lives

Is a Non-Denominational Spirit-filled, Prophetic & Healing Ministry where the Supernatural Power of God Operates!

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Saving & Changing Lives.


Truth & Healing Center was birthed by God to minister to the Whole Man, Spirit, Soul and Body through Bible Truth and Application while ministering Health, Healing and Wellness. Jesus asks the lame man “Wilt thou be made whole”- John 5:6.


Continue to Build a Church for God based upon Jeremiah 33:6 to bring Healing and Restoration to the people by providing sound counsel through God’s True and Living Word the Bible. To be diligent in Saving and Changing Lives through the Ministry of Salvation, Reconciliation and the Works of the Ministry”. To be a Rainbow Ministry of all colors and nationalities crossing racial barriers for the Kingdom of God!


Create, Provide, Establish, Develop, Become and Maintain a Standardized Curriculum of Preaching, Teaching, Training, and Communicating with our Ministry Families and unlock the Anointing for Servanthood.


To unleash the Hidden Passion in those who are unmotivated and reconnect them to a Supernatural Experience with Jesus Christ!


Ministering to people involves everyone at leadership levels and different levels of achievement. Every gift and calling are vital to the Ministry.


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